What Exactly Are Cookies?

When you visit a website on your computer or mobile device, certain websites will transmit little files to your device that include information about themselves. These files are referred to as “cookies,” and they are also a delectable delicacy that you might keep in your kitchen cabinets. Your preferences are saved in these cookies, which makes it easier for you to go from one page to the next and improves the overall quality of your user experience. This is accomplished by “remembering” who you are. To put it another way, the primary purpose of cookies is to make navigating a website simpler and more efficient. Cookies can be found on the MillionDollarGambling.com website. Cookies (not the kind with extra chocolate chips!) are used on MillionDollarGambling.com. These cookies are vitally necessary in order to deliver the fundamental functionality of our site and to make it easier to navigate. Cookies that improve the functionality of the website, such as ones that remember your preferences, are another type of cookie that we make use of on this website. Last but not least, we make use of cookies to enhance the functionality of our website, which ultimately results in a better user experience for you.

1. Strictly Necessary Cookies:

COOKIE NAMES hpTrue language FUNCTIONAL COOKIES FUNCTIONS Site functionality, language, ensures correct elements of the website are loaded efficiently.

2. Functionality Cookies

COOKIE NAMES entry Cookie banner_click banner_download banner_domain click uid p=1 hideTheXsellpopup uxsell lo FUNCTIONAL COOKIES FUNCTIONS Remembers user choices, tracks affiliate information, remembers whether a page has been accessed before and what content to display based on this, arranges site layout based on previous preferences and provides geo targeting for site language purposes.

3. Performance Cookies

COOKIE NAMES serial pixel Ds Guid Pb _vis_opt_s _vis_opt_test_cookie FUNCTIONAL COOKIES FUNCTIONS Tracks how and from where users visit the websites, internal anonymous data mining, testing different design ideas for various pages on our website, etc. Please note that MillionDollarGambling.com will never use any form of online behavioral advertising cookies, nor allow any third parties to do so on our sites.

Managing Cookies

At this time, we are unable to provide you with the option to enable or disable specific cookie categories individually. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. MillionDollarGambling.com has installed a cookie on your device as soon as you landed on our website. This cookie will remember your preferences and make it easier for you to continue to enjoy visiting our website and making use of our services. You are considered to have consented to our use of cookies in the manner outlined in this policy if you continued to use our website and services after clicking “Accept” on our Cookies Browser bar or if you continued to use our website after seeing this policy. Nevertheless, the settings of your browser can be altered in such a way that it will refuse to accept cookies from any website. The ‘Help’ section of whichever browser you use can provide instructions on how to put this into practice. You may, however, discover that you are unable to access some website content if cookies are not enabled on the device you are using. This is done for reasons relating to website security.