Million Dollar Gambling

This is the question and answer session with the founder of milliondollargambling.com.

What exactly is this MillionDollarGambling thing?

The MillionDollarGambling thing makes up the largest online slot and other casino game collection of its kind globally. It provides an online platform where casino brands, games and information is easily accessible to new or experienced players.

What exactly is the goal of the MillionDollarGambling project, and what kind of content can site users anticipate finding here?

This project’s goal is to compile and make available to users information about all of the slots and online casino games available, to allow users to pick a game that suits their individual preferences.

Users not only have the option to find game reviews for free, but they can also choose a casino brand and try their luck for real money. This is possible because our online casino brands are continuously increasing.

Which issue does the project intend to address and rectify?

  • The struggle of finding a game to play while you’re in the casino. The project strives to assist you with this.
  • Learn the ins and outs of the games without having to spend any money.
  • Learn which genuine casinos offer your favorite games.

Why was the decision made to create this initiative in the first place? When was this thing first created?

Because of my love for the online gambling industry, I decided to build a fantastic website with the goal of consolidating all of the global online slots and casino games into a single location. Ultimately, providing my visitors with the opportunity to play these games for free on an easily accessible platform. My belief is that, if a player had access to all the information there is to know about casino games, it would be very simple for anyone to make an informed decision on what casino games best suit their needs.

Consequently, in the year 2015, on a pleasant day in the month of May, I was reading “The Little Prince.” On the book’s cover, the prince was depicted as standing on a planet, and this inspired me to create some kind of space design. The name of the project was selected accordingly, and MillionDollarGambling came into being – as the project intended to expand and develop UPWARDS, towards the stars!

In the latter part of the summer of 2015, the live project officially got under way.

Games We Provide at Million Dollar Gambling

Play real money online games with your favorite casinos, enjoy playing a variety of games for free, and choose the games that best suit you.

At Milliondollargambling.com, we’ve got all the information on the top online casino games that have been developed by the most trustworthy software providers. All of our featured casino sites host the above list of casino games.

Who was involved in the development of MillionDollarGambling?

Three individuals came together to create the project and the Founder was the first person involved in it. He conceived the idea, designed the brand, drew the site design, and painted his vision. Thereafter, he became involved in its development and promotion on the internet.

On the website, a programmer implemented the design and the concepts by turning them into code.

The content manager, who was in charge of gathering all the information there was to know about the slot games, then compiled it all into a collection and collaborated with those who created game descriptions.

When did the project begin to bring in a profit for the first time?

About 6-7 months after the first launch, the company began to get its first commissions at some point during the early spring of 2016.

When did you first begin recruiting new members of the team?

There were three persons who formed the core of the squad. Almost immediately after that, we began our search for freelancers to fill the roles of most reviewers and translators.

When did the very first regional editions of MillionDollarGambling become available?

One year after the initial announcement of the project, around the late summer of 2016, the first language versions started to become available.

How would you describe the MillionDollarGambling team's appearance? Who exactly is going to be working on this project?

The MillionDollarGambling crew is consistently adapting to new challenges and expanding its capabilities.

The crew consists of: 

  • Webmasters
  • Independent contractors specializing in a variety of fields
  • Researchers
  • The administrator of the partnership
  • Designers
  • Web developers
  • Plus additional industry professionals

How have the objectives of the project shifted over time?

The first thing we needed to do was gather up all of the casino games. After some time, when the demand from the public shifted from “what to play” to “where to play,” we started developing a section with online casino brands. Now that we’ve reached this point, we’ve made the decision to expand the range of games that we provide to include not only slot games but also table games such as roulette and blackjack, amongst others.

The fact that players are also interested in how to test out the game in a genuine online casino on more advantageous terms, prompted us to make the decision to acquire a variety of bonuses for players.

What is the current objective of the Million Dollar Gambling?

To develop it into one of the most comprehensive casino portals available online, with the core aim of providing gamers with as much resourceful information as we can.

Have any accolades been bestowed upon the project thus far? What kind of reputation does the project have throughout the industry as a whole? Where does the project stand in terms of its reputation?

The iGB Awards 2018 has placed MillionDollarGambling.com on the shortlist for the Best Affiliate Newcomer award. Many of the other sites frequently compare themselves to MillionDollarGambling and try to align their designs and material with that of MillionDollarGambling. One of the most important aspects of the project is the provision of reliable and accurate information regarding online casinos and games.

Who are/were the other people involved in the project?

  1. Many other online gambling sites were involved. Some slot game developers are kind enough to share their ideas or marketing materials with us in order to make our reviews more informative and comprehensive.
  2. Additionally, collaborations with media outlets used to exist in the past, but it was a very long time ago. On the other hand, you may always begin a new one!
  3. At this point, we are collaborating with the most talented teams in order to technically create the site.

After a site visitor has finished reading the "About Us" page, what should he or she do next on the website?

If you are a beginner player who is interested in testing out some casino games, you can either go check out our list of popular games or follow the links on our site to a variety of games to choose from.

If you are a player that has previous experience and is beginning to sense greater enthusiasm, you should most definitely check out our list of trusted casino brands and their available casino bonuses.